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Update:May 25, 2012

Article―Xinhua News Agency(China)

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Charter Flight between Komatsu and Shanghai / Xinhua News Agency - Kanazawa (Ishikawa, Japan), March 18 (Reporter: Huang Feng Zhen)

Mr. Masanori Tanimoto, Governor of Ishikawa Prefecture, announced to reporters visiting the prefecture that the first charter flight between Komatsu and Shanghai left for Shanghai on the 17th, carrying 300 tourists. The flight time from Ishikawa to Shanghai, once six hours, has been shortened to two hours.

The governor explained that the charter flight from Komatsu to Shanghai is operated by China Eastern Airlines. From now on, two flights will be operated - one on Wednesdays and the other on Saturdays. One flight leaves Komatsu for Shanghai on Wednesdays and returns from Shanghai to Komatsu on Saturdays. The other arrives in Shanghai on Saturdays and returns from Shanghai to Komatsu on Wednesday of the following week. The capacity of each flight is 300 passengers. It is expected that 5,200 people will have visited Shanghai using this charter flight by the end of the year.

Governor Tanimoto said that because the prefecture has a sister province/prefecture relationship with Jiangsu in China, he expects that many Chinese tourists will come to Ishikawa.

Ishikawa Prefecture is located in the center of Japan, facing the Sea of Japan. It is characterized by its traditional textile industry, manufacturing and tourism. Ishikawa has recently been striving to develop its high-tech industries and has obtained excellent results. According to Mr. Tanimoto, many of Ishikawa's manufacturing companies and businesses in other industries are making inroads into the Chinese market, including Shanghai.

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