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Update:May 25, 2012

Living Environment

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Ishikawa is blessed with a natural environment of mountains, coastal areas and rivers. The prefecture has a wide variety of leisure facilities such as ski areas, golf courses, hot springs, gymnasiums, zoos, aquariums, as well as art museums, historical museums, libraries and cultural facilities. Kanazawa's downtown area attracts people for its shopping opportunities and gourmet restaurants.


The residential space per person is the third largest in the country. The number of clinical hospital beds is ranked seventh, the number of doctors is ranked 11th, and there are two medical colleges.

The number of children's welfare facilities is the highest and the number of welfare facilities for the elderly per 10 thousand people is the sixth highest in the country. These rankings indicate the high quality of the welfare system.

There were 11,417 foreign people from 89 countries living in Ishikawa at the end of December 2009. These people came from Asia (9,026), South America (319), Europe (313), Oceania (58) and Africa (91).

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