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Update:May 25, 2012

Voices of enterprises

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In the period from 1981 to 2003, 103 companies, including 8 foreign firms, came to Ishikawa.

In response to questionnaires, foreign firms have pointed out advantages such as low rental cost for land, offices that cost less than those in major cities and excellent workers obtained at reasonable cost.

Other advantages cited included good access to big cities (day trips are possible) and well-equipped systems for easy communication with remote places.

Foreign companies also pointed out that cooperation with industries, universities and government is better than in other areas, and that they can expect technological support from Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa. These comments are an indication of their high evaluation of and confidence in the backup that Ishikawa provides to companies.

Enterprises from other areas of Japan and overseas

  • Ecolab K.K(External link)
    Production of industrial detergents, etc.
  • San-etsu Co., Ltd.
    Production of polyester processed paper
  • CERTIFICATION International Japan Co., Ltd. (to Japanese(External link)
    Inspection and certification of ISO 9001, ISO14001 etc.
    Production and sales of prepreg and honeycomb materials for air planes
  • Howmet Japan Limited. (to Japanese(External link)
    Production and sales of die casts for air planes,gas turbine parts for power generation, parts of diesel engine superchargers, etc.
  • HEVEAFIL Japan Branch 
    Import and sales of products using elastic fiber
  • Nihon SR K.K
    Production of bearings, etc.
  • Nippon Unicar Co., Ltd. (to Japanese(External link)
    Production of silicon (reinforcing materials for air planes)


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