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Update:November 17, 2010

Legal procedures

to Japanese


A visa issued by a Japanese embassy or consulate is required to enter Japan. In order to obtain a visa, you should submit an application with the required documents. If you plan to be in Japan longer than the period of a short stay (15 days or 90 days), you must attach an authorization certificate issued by the Immigration Bureau to the visa application form. In the case of a short stay (15 days or 90 days), citizens of countries with which Japan has a visa exemption agreement can enter Japan without a visa.

Accordingly, a foreigner belonging to a foreign company with no base in Japan must enter the country as a short-stay visitor, apply for a short-stay certificate, return to his/her country and reenter in the capacity of a short-stay visitor. During the short stay, it is common to rent an office and arrange for equipment and supplies for the office.

People from countries that have no visa exemption agreement with Japan must obtain a short-stay visa at a Japanese consulate in order to enter Japan. 

Provides information about investment in Japan, the taxation system, company foundation, management, recruiting of human resources, etc.

Legal procedures for establishing a company or a branch office (part 1)

In order to establish a company or a branch office, it is necessary to follow the procedures for commercial registry at a Legal Affairs Bureau. Until the company is registered, business activities are not allowed.

Legal procedures for establishing a company or a branch office (part 2)

It is necessary to submit an application to the ministry of finance or a minister in charge via Nippon Bank according to the category of investment within 15 days of investment. In the case of some industries or countries pre-application before application may be required. In the case of a company's stock holding rate being less than 10%, application is not required.

Application for company establishment and business launch should be submitted to the tax office and tax department of the municipal government. Ask the tax office for details.


When your company hires a worker, you must draw up office regulations and submit them to a Bureau of Labor Standards. You must apply to a public insurance office for health insurance and the pension system, to a Public Employment Security Office for employment insurance, and to the tax office for salary payment.

Provides information about notaries public and gives the schedule for free counseling.

Provides information about social insurance and employee managers, and gives the schedule for free counseling.

Provides information about taxation systems and licensed tax accountants.


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