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Update:May 25, 2012

Information on Business

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The major industries of Ishikawa are the machinery and metal industry, the textile industry and the food industry. In fiscal 2008 delivered manufactured products broke down as follows: 65.8% from the machinery and metal industry, 7.5% from the textile industry and 9.5% from the food industry. Some of the prefecture's machinery manufacturers are leading companies in niche industries that supply high-quality products to the world market. Because of the advantageous humid weather of the Hokuriku region, the textile industry has been leading the Ishikawa economy for a long time. Still today it manufactures a variety of products based on past experience and state-of-the-art technology.

Recently, there has been remarkable development in the electronics and IT-related industries, and the rate of concentration of companies related to the information service industry ranks fourth in the country. More than 100 companies were invited to establish plants or offices in Ishikawa in the past 30 years. In particular, IT-related industries have been mainly invited to Ishikawa during the last 10 years. Consequently, the index of Ishikawa's industrial production was 114.3, according to a 2003 survey, as compared to the reference value of 100 for 1995, which is the highest in the country.

Ishikawa's gross production was 4,709.1 billion yen in fiscal 2008 and the value of delivered manufactured products was 2,812.6 billion yen in fiscal 2009.


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