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Update:October 15, 2013

R&D partners

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Ishikawa's many higher educational institutions include Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Hokuriku (JAIST), Japan's first national graduate university, Kanazawa University, a national university ranked among the top 10 universities for the number of joint studies with companies, and Kanazawa Institute of Technology, a technical institute that conducts cooperative studies and research with companies.

In addition, the Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa supports industries through collaborative studies and development of products and technology, and Hokuriku IT Open Laboratory Support Center offers facilities for research and development. We hope you will use these institutes and facilities to develop your products and improve their evaluation.

Cooperative Research with Industrial Institutions (to Japanese(External link)

Provides information about three schools; School of Knowledge Science, School of Information Science and School of Material Science, and about research centers such as Center for Nano Materials and Technology. Databases of past study results have been compiled for practical use. JAIST is equipped with high-level facilities and employs many faculty members who have worked as researchers for leading companies. The number of studies conducted jointly with companies is one of the highest in the country.

Kanazawa University(External link) (to Japanese(External link)

Introduces Kanazawa University, a comprehensive university that provides support for a wide range of fields such as science, medical studies and social science. The university established a technology licensing organization to create businesses by developing seeds for innovation within the university.

Kanazawa Institute of Technology (to Japanese(External link)

Kanazawa Institute of Technology was reborn as a comprehensive university of science and technology by adding departments; Environmental Engineering and Architecture Department, Information Science and Human Communication Department and Bioscience and Chemistry Department in addition to Engineering Department. Many faculty members from leading companies enable the school to respond to societal and company changes. The college is eager to engage in joint studies with companies.

Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa (to Japanese

This institution has more than 70 researchers and is equipped with the latest machines and measuring units for technical consultation and analysis.

Ishikawa Science Park (to Japanese(External link)

There are many laboratories and R&D facilities in this center affiliated with Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)


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