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Update:September 18, 2010

Site Policy

Copyright and Disclaimer

1. About Links

As a rule, you can make a link to Ishikawa Prefecture’s homepage free of charge and although prior notification is not required, please send the URL link to e130500b@pref.ishikawa.lg.jp after you have linked the homepage.

If the content of the linked homepage violates any law or public order and standards of decency, then you may be asked to remove this content.

  If you wish to link a homepage of a particular section, please contact the staff of the respective section.

2. About Copyright

All the individual information (such as letters, pictures, illustrations, etc.) published on the “Homepage of Ishikawa Prefecture” is subject to copyright. Moreover, as a compilation, the overall “Homepage of Ishikawa Prefecture” itself is subject to copyright and the individual information along with the compilation is protected by Copyright Law of Japan and international treaties.

  No duplication or diversion is allowed without the permission of Prefecture of Ishikawa except in the cases recognized under the copyright law such as duplication for private use or citation.

3. Disclaimer

  We try our best to provide correct information on the homepage of Ishikawa Prefecture. However, in case of any damage or loss caused to the user of this homepage due to the use of the information on this homepage, Prefecture of Ishikawa will not be held responsible for any such damage or loss.

4. Other

Please be aware that the content of this homepage is subject to change or deletion without any prior notification.