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Update:April 1, 2018

International Exchange

International Exchange and Contribution to the International Society

Global Ishikawa

Ishikawa Prefecture and a number of cities and towns within Ishikawa have been promoting exchanges with many regions and cities in the world and this globalization has spread to the areas such as people-to-people exchanges, culture, sports, economy, etc. 

Ishikawa has not limited itself to the international exchange but it has also been promoting international cooperation and contribution with the local people’s support and through a variety of ways such as by organizing conferences to promote world peace, hosting Japanese language students, technical trainees or other overseas students.

Ishikawa Japanese Studies Center

“Ishikawa Japanese Studies Program” is a unique prefectural program that enables foreign students to study the Japanese language and Japanese culture while doing a home-stay with a Japanese family. This program has received high praise overseas and a number of universities including Princeton University give official credits to their students who participate in this program.

Experience the Japanese Culture

As part of the Ishikawa Japanese Studies Program, participants get an opportunity to experience such activities as the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, pottery making, calligraphy, and other traditional arts and crafts. These activities have been very among the participants.


The most important feature of the Ishikawa Japanese Studies Program is the homestay experience with a Japanese family from Ishikawa. There are many people in Ishikawa who enthusiastically welcome overseas students into their families.

Support to the International Conferences held in Ishikawa

From 1995 to 2004, Ishikawa Prefecture provided active support to the “United Nations Symposium on Northeast Asia in Kanazawa”, the purpose of which was to further friendly relations and exchanges among countries in Northeast Asia. A number of other international conferences have also been held here in order to promote international understanding among the residents of Ishikawa.

Regional Exchanges

Prefecture of Ishikawa is engaged in regular friendly exchanges with 3 regions, namely, Irkutsk (Russia), Jiangsu Province (China) and Jeollabukdo Province (Korea). Furthermore, there are a number of cities and towns within the prefecture which have close sister-city relationships with various regions around the world.

Overseas Technical Trainees Program

Every year, Ishikawa prefecture hosts Overseas Technical Trainees with the purpose of helping these trainees acquire expertise by studying at research and testing institutes within the prefecture, thereby contributing to the development of the trainees’ respective home countries and friendship and goodwill between the two countries.

Ishikawa International Students House

This facility provides foreign students with an inexpensive and pleasant dormitory where students can interact with other students as well as with the people from the local area.