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Update:April 1, 2018



A Prefecture that is leading in the scientific areas

From the feudal times, Ishikawa Prefecture has been known to be the birthplace of many traditional crafts. In the modern times, there have been a number of technological accomplishments in different fields such as machinery and textile industries; these accomplishments were supported by an environment unique to Ishikawa and an abundance of skilled labor force. In recent years, electronics and precision machine industries have been also growing; and business related to IT industry is also expected to become increasingly vigorous.

Ishikawa Science Park (Ishikawa Create Lab and Research Application Plaza Ishikawa)

Ishikawa Science Park houses state-of-the art science research facilities established by the Japanese government or the prefectural government. The Park also provides opportunities for exchanges among sections of industry, university and government, creating a pleasant R&D environment.

Creating new businesses:Venture Companies

The objective of the Ishikawa Create Lab, an incubator facility is to support the efforts of venture companies that aim to enter new areas of R & D and develop fresh technologies that will lead to the creation of new businesses.

Industrial Park and Industry Promotion Zone for companies in Ishikawa that are involved in manufacturing

Located here are over 40 business-related organizations and industry support groups that use this facility as a base for the upgrading of the industrial structure in the Prefecture, a process that is expected to contribute to the over-all goal of building a prefecture that is strong in the areas of science.



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Ishikawa Prefectural Government : Shanghai Representative Office



Our Shanghai office was established in October 1997, for the purpose of providing the latest information on investment in China, in response to a strong interest in China, particularly in Shanghai, on the part of Ishikawa companies. The office provides information related to investment in China, organizes a network of Ishikawa companies and related organizations in China, and makes arrangements for delegations from Ishikawa. In addition, since fiscal year 2004, it has been promoting the development of a sales market for companies in Ishikawa in response to the expansion of the consumer market in China, as well as encouraging investment in Ishikawa.


Ishikawa Prefectural Government Shanghai Representative Office

  • Address
    Room 1601, 2201 Yan'an W Rd, HongQiao, Changning Qu, Shanghai Shi, CHINA
  • E-mail
  • TEL:86-21-6275-0088
    (phone extension:2400) 
  • FAX:86-21-6275-2211






Academics & Research

Creating dreams for the future

During the Edo period, the Kaga province was called the “Unrivalled Seat of Learning”, not only because of its vast collection of books but also because of its policy to invite numerous scholars and men of letters to teach and its general support to the scholarly and cultural pursuits.

The academic traditions of the past have continued to the present times and even today Ishikawa has a high concentration of various types of higher academic institutes and is blessed with many testing and research facilities. It also has a good infrastructure for human resource development besides facilities for testing and research.

Kanazawa University

Established in 1949, Kanazawa University is a national university with approximately 10,000 students.

Bioresource Engineering Research Institute of Ishikawa Prefectural University

Opened in April 2005, this institute is associated with Prefectural University and is involved in the development of technology related to the upgrading of desired gene functions of bioresources as well as environmental purification using bioremediation, based on fundamental research.

Ishikawa Prefectural Nursing University

Opened in 2000, this institute aims to develop professionals with a sensitive approach as well as high professional knowledge and skills.

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)

As Japan’s first independent, national graduate university, JAIST opened in 1990 in Ishikawa Science Park. It aims to promote interdisciplinary fundamental research and develop highly qualified researchers and engineers as a part of its efforts to promote human development in the area of advanced science and technology.

Ishikawa Agricultural Research Center

The center is engaged in R & D activities related to agro-technologies with the purpose of promoting agriculture and develop next generation professionals as well as ensure the supply of quality agriculture products.

Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa

This institute provides support to the industries such as machinery & metal, electronics, textile, chemical, etc. through R&D, technical guidance, materials testing and analysis, etc.

Ishikawa Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Science

The Institute conducts survey and research related to human health such as infectious diseases, food safety as well as protection of the natural environment such as air, water quality, etc.



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Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa