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Ishikawa Prefecture > 14th March 2015, Hokuriku Shinkansen Line Opens

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Update:April 9, 2015

14th March 2015, Hokuriku Shinkansen Line Opens

 Departure ceremony tape cutters

 First train carriage greeters

 Traditional performances under the Motenashi Dome

 Crowds of locals at Kanazawa Station



                                                                                                                                                14 March 2015


On 14th March, the people of Ishikawa got their wish with a Hokuriku Shinkansen between Nagano and Kanazawa in which a special opening event was held at Kanazawa Station. Over 40 years have passed since the construction plans were decided which paves way for a new era in Ishikawa and can be marked as momentous occasion.

The opening day had a multitude of events at Kanazawa Station with ladies in kimonos greeting passengers and distributing commemorative gifts. Among the events were performances by Kaga-Tobi performers and Gojinjo-daiko drummers which took place under the Motenashi Dome, drawing crowds of locals who Ishikawans flocked to the station to catch a glimpse of the new train models and the newly built areas of the station.

The fastest of the new Shinkansen trains can reach Tokyo from Kanazawa at blistering speeds in 2 hours 28 minutes and can carry 17 million passengers a year. The opening of this new line provides valuable opportunities for major developments in the Hokuriku region.

The success of the Shinkansen opening has had an effect on all parts of the prefecture, and plans are now underway to have a Shinkansen from Kanazawa to Osaka with the Kanazawa-Tsuruga initial phases nearing completion.